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Toasted Cheese and Tomato

Preparation: 5 mins

Cooking: 10 mins

Serves 4, costs under £3.00


  • 8 Slices Wholemeal Bread (288g) (Medium sliced)
  • ½ Pack Cheddar Cheese (200g)
  • 4 Tomatoes (340g)

Allergy Disclaimer

Always check the label of each ingredient for allergy warnings.


  1. Toast the bread on one side under a grill.
  2. Chop the tomatoes into thin slices and grate the cheese.
  3. Sprinkle the cheese onto the untoasted side of the bread and top with slices of tomatoes.
  4. Place under grill until the cheese is bubbling and starting to brown. Be careful not to burn the edges of the toast.

Nutritional Information