From toddlers throwing tantrums to teenagers slamming doors, it’s totally normal for children to get upset – it’s their way of expressing their emotions. And it’s up to us parents to help them learn to understand and manage these emotions. Not always easy, we know! Which is why we’ve got tips to help you keep calm and cope with challenging behaviour.

Tantrums and strops

It’s totally normal for your child to have tantrums. It’s a way for them to learn to deal with their emotions, test boundaries and show you something's wrong. But as a parent, watching them have an outburst can be enough to set you off on one of your own! We’ve pulled together some useful tips that will help you understand why your child is acting this way and make it easier to deal with it.

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Coping with parenting

No matter how much we love our kids, parenthood isn’t easy, and neither is keeping cool when the kids are acting up. Here’s some advice to help you keep calm and build a good relationship with your wee one that will help you cope through the ups and downs.

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Making life at home easier

Whether it’s getting your wee one dressed in the morning or keeping them entertained, sometimes just getting through the day can be a struggle. Here you’ll find tips to help those tricky daily events go more smoothly. Plus for older kids we've got games that will help them learn while they play and maybe even get them off their screens for a while.

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Making life easier when you’re out and about

If you're running low on ideas for keeping the kids entertained when you're out and about, you've come to the right place! From outdoor fun, to tips for avoiding a strop in the shop, read on for ideas to keep them entertained and happy while you're out and about.

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Making bedtime easier

Does bedtime sometimes feel like a battle? We hear you! Here you’ll find handy tips to help you through the ups and downs of bath time, toothbrushing and getting them into bed and settled, ready for a good night’s sleep – fingers crossed!

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Understanding your teen’s behaviour

The teenage years are exciting and full of new opportunities, but they can also be confusing and stressful. Changes to their bodies, increased expectations, peer pressure and difficulty finding their own identity – it’s a lot to deal with. Sometimes they don’t even know why they’re feeling or acting the way they do, which makes it all the harder to understand. But don’t despair – we have lots of information to help you help them.

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Risk-taking behaviour

Teenagers are naturally inclined to take more risks than older adults – it’s to do with the way their brains are developing. In some cases this is a good thing, as it helps them adapt to all the changes that being a teen involves. But it can also lead them to make unwise decisions, and get into potentially dangerous situations. Here we look at why teens act this way, how you can help them make better choices and what to do if you’re worried. 

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