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Getting the kids to help around the house

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Kids love helping out with little jobs around the house (enjoy it while it lasts) – and they love being asked questions and challenged to do things. Here are a couple of tips to get your House Elf to work!

Tips for getting help around the house

Tip #1: Sock matching

After you’ve done the laundry, ask your child to help you match up the socks in pairs. Then they can help you sort them into piles of who owns which socks. When they're done, keep the game going by asking how many pairs belong to each person. You’ll get some help with the laundry and keep them happy and busy. Win-win!

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Tip #2: Clean sweep

Whether you’re doing the dishes, making the beds, or cleaning the bathroom - try putting some music on and get your child to count out different actions with you - like 3 wipes of the cloth, or 5 shakes of the duvet, or 2 squirts of the polish - in time to the music. Get wiggling.

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Tip #3: Get them cooking

Mealtimes can be an easy way to keep your child busy and get a bit of a helping hand. You could ask your child to pick a recipe for a family meal, help you get everything you need, and then let them measure out all the ingredients with you. You’ve got yourself a ready-made kitchen helper - and it's a great way to get a fussy eater to try out some new foods!

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Tip #4: Sort the recycling

Get them to sort out all of your recycling and to count it into the bags or boxes for you to take out together. Keeps them busy and it keeps Scotland beautiful. BOOM!

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Tip #5: Get them to read to you

Sometimes you really just need to get on with what needs doing. Why not get them to read a book to you while you're washing the dishes or getting your jobs done?

You can finish up what you need to, they can practice their reading, and you'll get some nice one-on-one time together.

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Tip #6: Don't mix red & white socks

Get them to help you sort the dirty laundry out and read the labels on the clothes. Get them to guess what the labels mean and explain what happens if you don't do what the instructions say.

Parents of Scotland - do you think we'll be the generation that teaches our children not to shrink their jumpers or who don't turn all of their socks pink? Let's make it happen!

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Tip #6: Tidy time

It’s good to get your little one to help you to tidy away their toys. That simple task can let them know that bathtime’s coming next while teaching them about tidiness and looking after their toys. If you can, try putting labels on boxes for toys to encourage your child to match the right toy with the right box. You could ask your child which box their favourite toys go into.

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Tip #6: Boogie up the tidy up

Playing a fun piece of music as they tidy makes it less of a chore. Your little one can dance as they put things away, sing along or even try to finish before the music stops. If there’s a really big mess start with a lot more than Ten Green Bottles! Maybe thirty!

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Tip #7: Helping out

You’ll be surprised how much young children love helping around the house. That will change when they get older! While it may seem boring to you it’s an exciting new experience for your little one. It may take longer, but laying the table, hoovering, dusting and washing up can be great fun when you do it together.

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2020