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We all know that getting kids to bed on time can be challenging – to put it lightly! But help is at hand. Here are some things you can do to help make your bedtime routine easier and more fun for both of you.

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Bedtime tips

Tip #1: Storytime not screen time

Photo of a son reading to his dad at bedtime

To get your kids off their devices and ready for bed, try letting them read to you before bed to help them drift off quicker.

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Tip #2: Countdown to bedtime

If you find your child gets a bit hyper as soon as you mention bedtime, one thing you can try is a step-count. Counting footsteps on the way to bed can help calm them down and go to sleep easier.

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Tip #3: How many hours until rise and shine?

Before bed, help your child read the time and talk about when you’re going to get up. You could help your little sleepyhead work out how many hours sleep they’ll have before they need to rise and shine. You could use a clock face or your fingers to help you count the hours together.

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Tip #4: Two minutes of teeth brushing

Little girl brushing her teeth

Here’s a tip that can help to teach them the time and (fingers crossed) get them to brush their teeth properly. Just bring your phone or an egg timer to tooth-brushing time. Get them to set the timer for 2 minutes before they start brushing their teeth. Then get them to brush their top teeth for 30 seconds, then their bottom teeth for 30 seconds - and then repeat. Say cheese!

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More information

Sleep Action offer advice and support to parents and carers, or to young people themselves, for any child aged 18 months to 18 years with a sleep problem. Visit the Sleep Action website to find out more and get in touch.

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