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Encouraging your child to confide in you

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In an ideal world, our children would always come to us if they have a problem. But in reality they may feel that you’re too busy to listen, or that you’ll be cross with them, or that they should keep whatever’s bothering them a secret. Here are some more tips for encouraging them to open up to you about anything that may be bothering them. You could also take a look at our tips for building an open, trusting relationship with your child.

What should I do if a child does come to me with a problem?

Where can I get help?

Depending on what your child tells you, you may need to get help or support from another person, such as their teacher, your GP, or a support organisation. You can find links to lots of organisations that can help with a wide range of issues in our Family Support Directory.

Last updated: 26 Oct, 2023