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We want to welcome every baby born in Scotland by giving them their own Baby Box.

To sign up for your Baby Box, please speak to your midwife.

For all enquiries about the delivery of your box please phone 0800 030 8003 or email quoting the registration number from the card given to you when you registered for your Baby Box.

The Baby Box is a welcome gift for every baby born and living in Scotland. It's packed full of all the essential items your baby will need to give them the best possible start in life. But that’s not where the help ends. There’s support available throughout your child’s early life and beyond.

Not only is the box full of baby essentials from birth to 6 months, it’s also a safe and comfortable place for your wee one to sleep. You can use it to keep all your baby items in before they're born and as a memory box or a place to store toys once they're too big to sleep in it.

It's been designed so that you can pop your baby’s name and birth details on the lid – and if you have a toddler or older child, they can even colour it in – a lovely way to make them feel part of things when the new baby comes along.

What is Scotland's Baby Box?

The Baby Box is a welcome gift for every baby born and living in Scotland. It will help families prepare for the arrival of their baby and provide a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. The box itself acts like a Moses basket as it comes complete with a mattress and bedding that fits perfectly.

New babies need a surprising amount of stuff! Scotland’s Baby Box is packed full of clothes, bedding and lots of other useful things to help give your baby the best possible start in life.

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Baby box

Baby Box (x1)

The Baby Box is a safe and comfortable place for your wee one to sleep. It’s strong, sturdy and full of lots of things you and your baby will need.

Baby Box poem

A poem for your wee one

The box also includes a poem written by Scotland’s national poet, Jackie Kay. It's called ‘Welcome Wee One’ and it talks about how special and precious your new baby is.

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Baby box - scratch mittens

Scratch mittens (1 pair)

Size: Newborn

Made from pure cotton, they are ideal for baby's delicate skin. They will help protect them from scratching themselves.

Short sleeved vest

Short-sleeved vest (x1)

Size: Newborn

Short-sleeved design for easy dressing and made from 100% cotton to keep baby comfortable all day. The envelope neck allows you to quickly and easily take the vest off down the way instead of over your baby’s head, if they have made a mess!

Baby box - long sleeved vest

Long-sleeved vest (x1)

Size: Newborn

Long-sleeved design great for layering and made from 100% cotton to keep baby comfortable all day. Poppers and an envelope neck allow you to quickly and easily change and dress your baby.

baby box - long-sleeved side buttoning vest

Long-sleeved side buttoning vest (x1)

Size: Newborn

This soft cotton side buttoning vest features a wrap design, to sit above your baby’s belly button. It’s perfect for newborns whose umbilical cord is still healing.

Baby box - cotton hat

Cotton hat (x1)

Size: 0-3 months

Keep your wee one warm and cosy with this soft cotton hat.


Baby Box - long sleeved vest

Long-sleeved vest (x2)

Size: 0-3 months

These long-sleeved cotton vests are soft and gentle on the skin.

Baby box - long-sleeved sleepsuit

Long-sleeved sleepsuit (x1)

Size: 0-3 months

The long-sleeved sleepsuit is great for bedtime, with popper fastenings to make changing easier. Made from soft, pure cotton.

Baby box - jersey trousers

Jersey trousers (x2)

Size: 0-3 months

These lovely joggers are perfect for playtime. Made from a soft jersey cotton, they come with an elasticated waistband for easy dressing and changing.

Baby socks 0 - 3 months

Pair of socks (x1)

Size: 0-3 months

Keep their tiny toes nice and warm with these cotton blend socks.

Baby box - all-in-one day suit

All-in-one day suit (x1) 

Size: 3-6 months 

This cosy and comfortable all-in-one has been designed with your wee one's comfort in mind. Made from the softest cotton to make cuddles extra snuggly.

Baby box - jersey trousers

Jersey trousers (x1) 

Size: 3-6 months

These lovely joggers are perfect for playtime adventures. Made from a soft, jersey cotton, they have an elasticated waistband making them comfortable to wear as they learn to sit up and move around.

Baby box - long-sleeved sleepsuit

Long-sleeved sleepsuit (x1)

Size: 3-6 months

This sleepsuit is nice and cosy to keep your baby warm at night. Pure cotton makes it gentle on their skin.

Baby socks

Pair of socks (x1) 

Size: 3-6 months

Keep their tiny toes nice and warm with these cotton blend socks.

Baby box - fleece with hood

Fleece jacket with hood (x1)

Size: 3-6 months

A hooded fleece jacket is great for keeping your little one snug and warm in the colder months. This zip-fastening jacket is lovely and soft and easy to take on and off.

Baby box - mattress, protector and sheet

Mattress with protector (x1)

Size: 700 x 428 x 40mm

The mattress provided is designed to fit the box perfectly. When you put your baby to sleep, make sure their feet are at the end of the box so they can’t wriggle under the covers.

The mattress is made of combustion high resilience foam to comply with government regulations BS1877-10:2011 + A1:2012.  The construction complies with BS 7177 2008 + A1:2011.

Fitted sheet (x1) 

Specially designed to fit the mattress in the box, this sheet is nice and soft on baby’s skin to help them sleep soundly.

Baby box - cellular blanket

Cellular blanket (x1)

Size: 150 x 100cm 

This cellular blanket keeps baby’s temperature just right - like the ones in the hospital. It’s breathable but cosy so your wee one is as snug as a bug in a rug!

Baby box - baby wrap

Baby wrap (x1)

Designed for you to carry your baby comfortably and safely either at home or when you’re out and about.

Instructions for putting on your baby wrap.

Baby box - hooded bath towel

Hooded bath towel (x1)

You can cuddle your baby dry with this soft cotton towel. The hooded corner slips onto your baby's head to keep them warm, making it easy for you to wrap the rest of it around your baby.

Baby box - digital ear thermometer

Digital ear thermometer (x1)

Suitable for all ages, the easy to use ear thermometer comes with disposable covers for the end bit so you can check your baby’s temperature safely and hygienically. It’s quick, accurate and comes with an instruction booklet so you know what temperature to look out for if you think your baby is unwell. 

Bath sponge (x1)

This super soft sponge is hygienically provided in a clear bag.

Baby box - room and bath thermometer

Bath and room thermometer (x1)

A thermometer that can be used to check the temperature of the room or the bath so that you know that your baby isn't too hot or cold.

Baby box - teething ring

Teething ring soother (x1)

With its different textures and easy to hold handle, it can help relieve sore gums.

Baby box - books

Baby books (x2)

Story time can be a lovely time for you to bond with your wee one. 

Baby box - playmat

Play mat (x1)

Playing with your baby is a great way to spend time together and helps them learn. We’ve included a play mat for them to lie on and then roll and sit on as they get older.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) Astar App

This free app includes music for new parents and their babies to enjoy together. There’s gentle music for waking to, lively music for singing and clapping along with and quiet music for dozing to.

Click here to download the free RSNO Astar app.

Baby box - emery boards

Emery boards

Doctors recommend using only an emery board in the first few weeks of a new baby's life because their nails are very soft.

Many parents find it easiest to do this when their baby is asleep. If you want to file your baby’s nails while they are awake, ask your partner or a friend to hold them and keep them from wriggling around too much.

Baby box - bib

Bib (x1)

This handy dribble bib is made from a soft fabric with towel backing. It's designed to help keep your baby's clothes dry and prevent rashes which can irritate your baby's delicate skin.

Baby box - muslin

Muslin cloth squares (x3)

Muslin squares are ideal for mopping up spills, or as burping cloths.

Baby box - comforter toy

Comforter toy (x1) 

This machine washable comforter toy can be a life saver for helping your baby settle.

Baby box - travel changing mat

Travel changing mat (x1) 

The changing mat is a compact, foldable, wipe-clean mat which is perfect for baby-changing while you and your wee one are out and about.

Baby box - disposable nursing pads

Pack of disposable nursing pads (x1)

Breast pads are specially designed for use during late pregnancy and after the birth when you start to produce breast milk.

Baby box - maternity towels

Pack of 12 maternity towels (x1)

Maternity towels are soft, absorbent and thick pads which cushion and protect. Specially designed for use in the days following the birth of your baby.

Box of 3 condoms (x2)

Condoms are the simplest choice of contraception for many women and they also offer protection against some sexually transmitted infections. They don't contain any hormones so there are very few side effects and they're safe to use during breastfeeding.


Please note, contents of the Baby Box may vary.

See how the Baby Box is helping parents across Scotland!

To celebrate the Baby Box’s first birthday, we invited three families to tell us how they’ve used the different items to look after their wee ones. Watch our video to hear their stories.

Find out more

Baby box - who is bale to get one

Every newborn baby in Scotland is entitled to receive a Baby Box.

It’s really easy to sign up for your Baby Box. When you’re about 20-24 weeks pregnant, your midwife will fill in a Baby Box registration card with you at your regular antenatal appointment. Your midwife will send this card away to register you for your Baby Box, so you won’t need to do anything else. 

You can look forward to getting your Baby Box at least 4 weeks before your baby's due date.

Your Baby Box will be delivered to the preferred delivery address that you put on your registration card. You will get a text, an email or a letter (whatever you have told us you prefer) a week before the delivery so that you will know the day the box will be arriving. Then on the day, we'll give you a time slot so you will know exactly when it’s coming. If it doesn't suit, you can arrange a different delivery date or location with the carrier.

We know it’s very important that parents feel reassured about the Baby Box and its contents. That’s why we have worked with British Safety Standards to ensure the box meets all safety requirements including testing of construction, specification, load and stability. The Scottish Baby Box is marked with the European Standard on Cribs and Cradles for Domestic use BS EN 1130 accreditation, making it the first non-commercial box in the world to achieve this accreditation. All safety instructions and labelling can be found inside the box.
Safety is everything and we will ensure that Scotland’s Baby Box complies with any new standards that are developed and introduced specifically for baby boxes.
The testing process
The testing extended to the individual components that make up the box. Both the cardboard and the ink used were tested separately and the accreditation certificates can be found on the links below. Securing accreditation is always the responsibility of manufacturers and the Scottish Government has only included items in the Baby Box that have the relevant safety certificates.
Your baby’s safety
There’s nothing more important that the health and safety of your baby and that’s why we’ve made sure it meets all available standards. Specific elements of the design including the height of the sides of the box were set in order to meet the standards required to achieve the BSEN1130 safety accreditation. The Baby Box, and its associated bedding, is intended to offer a safe sleeping place when used in accordance with other safe sleeping practices. 


The box is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep in and comes with a mattress, protector, fitted sheet and blanket.

The Baby Box is also useful if you and baby are away from home. Just remember to make sure you lift the box without your baby in it.

We want you to have the box around the time that you might start buying things for your baby. There are also a few things in the box that might be useful for your hospital bag, like the maternity towels and breast pads.


No, every baby that gets a box gets to keep it. And if you have another baby in the future, you will get another Baby Box for them!

No, the Baby Box is completely free.

We want every child in Scotland to have the best possible start in life.

If you feel like you don’t need a Baby Box, then you don’t have to register for one.

Here's what's in the box, the specific contents may vary.

  • A poem for your wee one
  • Scratch mittens (1 pair, newborn)
  • Short-sleeved vest (x1, newborn)
  • Long-sleeved vest (x1, newborn)
  • Long-sleeved side buttoning vest (x1, newborn)
  • Cotton hat (x1, 0-3 months)
  • Long-sleeved vest (x2, 0-3 months)
  • Long-sleeved sleepsuit (x1, 0-3 months)
  • Jersey trousers (x2, 0-3 months)
  • Pair of socks (x1, 0-3 months)
  • All-in-one day suit (x1, 0-6 months)
  • Jersey trousers (x1, 3-6 months)
  • Long-sleeved sleepsuit (x1, 3-6 months)
  • Pair of socks (x1, 3-6 months)
  • Fleece jacket with hood (x1, 3-6 months)
  • Mattress with protector (x1)
  • Fitted sheet (x1)
  • Cellular blanket (x1)
  • Baby wrap (x1)
  • Hooded bath towel (x1)
  • Digital ear thermometer (x1)
  • Bath sponge (x1)
  • Bath and room thermometer (x1)
  • Teething ring soother (x1)
  • Baby books (x2)
  • Play mat (x1)
  • Emery boards (x3)
  • Bib (x1)
  • Muslin cloth squares (x3)
  • Comforter toy (x1)
  • Travel changing mat (x1)
  • Pack of disposable nursing pads (x1)
  • Pack of 12 maternity towels (x1)
  • Box of 3 condoms (x2)

  • Advice leaflet - Everything you need to know about your Baby Box - View online
  • Advice leaflet - Inside their Box they can sleep like a baby - View online
  • Advice leaflet - How depression and anxiety can sometimes affect new mums - View online

If you don’t need everything in the box, you could give those items away to someone else who might need them, or donate them to your local charity where they will always be welcomed.

No, the colours have been chosen specifically to suit both boys and girls.

Yes - Each child should get the same start in life, so you will receive a new one for each baby. It’s also important that you use a new mattress for each baby for sleeping.

The box can be used as a safe sleeping space for your wee one, which means that you do not need to buy a Moses basket or travel cot if you don’t want to. It provides a handy space for babies to sleep near their parents at night, and close to parents during daytime sleeps. Keeping your baby right beside you is important as it makes your baby feel safe and secure in those early weeks and months.

The Baby Box also includes essential items to help you give your baby a great start.

There are a number of items for newborns, 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

Yes, there are clothes to fit a newborn and the box itself can be used as a safe and convenient sleeping space for babies from birth.

Yes! It was designed to let you make it special for your family – with space to record key milestones, a family tree or your baby's handprints and footprints. Colouring-in is a great activity if you have older children too. You can use everyday pens, crayons or non-toxic paints, just make sure to only colour the outside of the box. 

Using it for sleeping

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. The Baby Box is the right size and shape so that your baby feels safe and comfortable.

Your baby can sleep in the box all night and for short naps during the day – it’s entirely up to you. Remember to keep the baby close to your bed at night and near you during the day when they sleep.

Babies can usually sleep in the box for the first 3 or 4 months - or until they can turn over themselves (babies don’t have enough strength in their tummies to turn over until 5-6 months.)

The box should be either placed on the floor inside the lid or in the cot so that there is no danger that it could fall.

Please only use the mattress that comes with your Baby Box. This mattress fits the box perfectly and has been designed to be safe for your baby.

Yes. The mattress protector that came with your Baby Box is exactly the right size for the box so please use it.  We’ve also provided you with a cotton sheet which will fit neatly on top of the mattress protector. It’s really important that these fit perfectly around the mattress.

Baby box - what do I cover my baby with

You’ll find a cellular blanket (just like the ones they use in hospital). These are great at keeping your baby's temperature regular – neither too hot nor too cold – and they're nice and light too. Remember if you fold the cellular blanket that counts as an extra blanket.

Baby duvets, fleece blankets, pillows and cot bumpers are not recommended for newborn babies.

It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if your wee one has an accident or is sick when they are in it.

Baby box - lie baby on their back for sleep

Yes, always place your baby on their back to sleep with their feet at the end of the box. If their feet are touching the bottom of the box they can’t wriggle down under the covers.

Yes, as long as you follow safe sleeping advice wherever you choose for your baby to sleep. You can find out more about safe sleeping in the leaflet in the Baby Box.

Premature babies

The boxes will be sent at least 4 weeks before your due date.

Yes, it doesn’t matter how premature your baby is, you can still use the box for sleeping.

The clothes in the box are for newborns and babies up to 6 months so they may not fit your baby initially but they will grow into them.

More than one baby

Every newborn baby in Scotland is entitled to a Baby Box, so you will get a box for each one.

The box isn’t quite big enough for two – that’s why each one gets their own box.

Yes.  Every newborn baby in Scotland is entitled to receive a Baby Box of their very own.

The Baby Box is made to last, so you could turn it into a toy chest or memory box when you're done with it. You'll get a brand new box for every child you have.

Delivery of the box

Baby box delivery

You should contact or phone 0800 030 8003 quoting the registration number on the leaflet you were given at your 20-24 week midwife appointment.

Yes – please contact or phone 0800 030 8003 quoting the registration number on the leaflet you were given at your 20-24 week midwife appointment.

No, the delivery of the box is linked to your due date. Your Baby Box will be delivered at least 4 weeks before your due date.

You need to contact or phone 0800 030 8003 quoting the registration number on the leaflet you were given at your 20-24 week midwife appointment.

The box can be cancelled by contacting 0800 030 8003, option 1. The call can be made either by you or your family or a nominated health professional. If the box has already been delivered arrangements can be made, with your family or through a nominated health professional, to organise an appropriate time to pick the box up from your home. 

 If you wish to keep the box, there is no need to notify us.

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