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Top eight tips to help nappy time be a happy time

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Changing your little one’s nappy isn’t always easy. Luckily we’ve got some tips straight from the bottom drawer to get your little wrigglers into their nappy, snappy style.

Top nappy changing tips

Tip #1: Pull-ups

Getting them to lie down always gets harder as they get older, so try pull-up nappies if they just won’t stay still.

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Tip #2: At the ready

You can avoid getting caught short by keeping everything you need close by, including a spare nappy and a few wipes at the ready.

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Tip #3: Peekaboo!

Keep them entertained while you get on with the job in hand, giving them a wee cloth to hide their face and play peekaboo.

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Tip #4: Quick change

Try to slide the new nappy under their bottom before you take the old one off to avoid a bum deal!

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Tip #5: If you have a boy

If you have a boy, have your shield (cotton wool) at the ready! A temperature change could cause instant wee!

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Tip #6: Distraction

Try wearing a teething necklace or make your own by dangling a toy around your neck. It will keep them entertained while you get on with the task at hand.

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Tip #7: Fun games

Turn change time into game time by lying a dolly down next to them as if they are both going to sleep.

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Tip #8: Collect

As they get bigger and start to walk, get them involved by asking them to go get the nappies and the wipes.

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Last updated: 8 Nov, 2018

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