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Few babies sleep through the night. That might not be much comfort, but it lets you know you’re not alone! Once your wee one gets to 2-3 months old you can start to get them into a routine so they know it’s sleepy time. Here are some tips from other parents on getting a bedtime routine, and other ways to help your baby sleep.

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Top baby sleep tips from parents

Tip #1: Tire them out

Fresh air is a great way to tire your baby out. Spending time outdoors helps develop their senses too. Why not try the baby wrap from your Baby Box to let them have some fun outdoors with you, while keeping your arms free? Tummy time is also a good way to use up some energy. Try putting their favourite toys just out of their reach so they have to stretch out to grab it. Make sure and watch them so they don’t fall asleep on their front.

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Tip #2: Bathtime before bedtime

This is a good way to start winding down for bed. Making a splash with their bath toys is fun too! The bath thermometer in the Baby Box will help you make sure the water is the right temperature for your little one.

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Tip #3: Bedtime routine

Babies like routine. Sticking to the same things every night will help your baby develop a good sleeping pattern. After bathtime try reading a gentle story then singing them a song and giving them a cuddle. This should help them feel safe and secure and get them to sleep in no time.

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Tip #4: Night light

A nightlight is a good way to prevent you from tripping over any toys in the middle of the night and making a noise that might wake them up. It also means you won’t have to turn on the big light and make it harder for them to get back to sleep.

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What the professionals say

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“No matter how sleepy babies are, they can't fall asleep if they are worked up. You may have to help your baby calm down and relax so they can fall asleep. Cuddling, rocking, stroking, patting and talking gently are all good ways to calm your baby so that sleepiness can take over.”

More information

Ready Steady Baby has lots more information on helping your baby sleep and how to get into a routine. If you think your baby’s not settling at night because of a health issue, contact your GP or health visitor for help.

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Sleep problems

If you’re worried about your baby or child’s sleep, remember, you’re not alone – there is support out there, starting with your GP or health visitor. The following organisations can also help:

Cry-sis offer help and support to parents with babies who cry excessively or have sleeping problems. They have a helpline you can call on 08451 228 669.


Sleep Action offer advice and support to parents and carers, or to young people themselves, for any child aged 18 months to 18 years with a sleep problem. Visit the Sleep Action website to find out more and get in touch.

Twins Trust have advice on sleep if you have twins, triplets or more.

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