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Finding breastfeeding support

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From local antenatal and breastfeeding groups, to organisations offering advice and information, to support from family and friends, there's lots of help out there for breastfeeding mums. You just need to know where and how to ask for it!

How can I meet other breastfeeding mums like me?

In the early days, it’s normal to feel a bit lonely. You might be tired and sore after labour and having a bit of struggle getting used to feeding, but it does get easier with time. With so many things to carry and remember, getting out of the house becomes that little bit more tricky. But meeting new mums at support groups will help to build your confidence.

The great thing about meeting other breastfeeding mums is that they know just how you feel, and you don't need to feel shy about breastfeeding in front of them because you'll all be in the same boat. Breastfeeding support groups are a great way to meet and chat with other mums who are going through the same things you are – you can find out what to expect and how to find a local group by following the links below.

In this short film, mum Vanessa explains how attending a local breastfeeding support group helped her on her breastfeeding journey.

What can I expect at a breastfeeding support group?

There are many different types of breastfeeding support groups. Some are run by charities, such as NCT, the Breastfeeding Network or La Leche League, and some by your local midwife or health visitor. They are all there for the same reason, to help support mums as they get to grips with feeding.

Your local group might meet in a health centre, community building or café. Whatever type is available to you, they're all a great way to meet other mums in your area, make new friends and share the ups and downs of breastfeeding. You'll generally meet a mix of new mums and volunteers who have breastfed before and are trained in breastfeeding support. You don't have to book a place – just go along when you can. They aren’t just for newborn babies, but also for mums with older babies who want some support with feeding a growing baby. It’s a friendly and very supportive community network and a few friendly words of advice and wisdom might help make life a little easier.

Infant Feeding Advisors

If you are having more complicated feeding problems, your midwife or health visitor will be able to tell you if there are any specialist Infant Feeding Advisors and clinics in your area. Watch the following film to see how different mums find the support they need in a variety of places – towards the end of the film you'll see mums enjoying a chat together at their local breastfeeding support group.

The National Breastfeeding Helpline

Call 0300 100 0212 whenever you need breastfeeding support and information.

The National Breastfeeding Helpline offers non-judgmental, independent, evidence based, mother centred breastfeeding information, support and reassurance.

Whether you want to breastfeed for one day, one week, one month, one year or more, we're here for you. All calls are answered by volunteers – all are mums who have breastfed, and all have been highly trained by the Breastfeeding Network or the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. So please, reach out for support. We are here for you. 

The helpline is open on 0300 100 0212 every single day of the year, 9.30am-9.30pm. A webchat service is also available here.

Helpful links to breastfeeding support

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Last updated: 16 Jan, 2023