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25 screen-free activities to wean kids off their screens

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Kids glued to their screens? There’s nothing wrong with them spending some time online – chatting to friends, watching videos, playing games and reading are all good ways for them to socialise, relax and learn something too! But just as they need a balanced diet of food, they also need to play in different ways too – indoors, outdoors, with friends and with you. Sometimes they need to burn off energy while playing, at other times they’ll benefit from some peace and quiet.

So if your kids are spending all their spare time stuck to their screens, here are some tips from dads and mums across Scotland for things you can do to help unstick them.

And remember, you’re your child’s biggest influence. So if you’re often on your phone, your child will want to do the same. Instead, try to put your phone away and focus on chatting and playing with your child. Our guide to screen time has some tips for reducing your screen time as well as your child’s.

If you're tired of tearing them away from TV before school

When you’re out and about

When you're juggling a million things at once

When your zombies have been on their screens too long

If you’re tired of them ignoring your call for dinner

When you need them to do their chores

When they need to do their homework

When they need to go to bed

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Last updated: 8 Jan, 2024