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Things to do indoors with your child

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Play & Learn Indoor activities and games

‘I’m bored!’ If this is a cry you dread hearing, we feel your pain! Here are some fun ideas for things you can do with your child, and things they can do on their own while you get on with other things.

Creative activities

Getting active isn’t just about running around outside. It can involve any sort of creative activity. Doing arts and crafts – drawing, colouring, painting, glueing and so on – isn’t just about making a mess. It also helps spark children’s imaginations, boost their confidence, and express themselves – as well as offering plenty of chances to get messy!

In this video, Alison from PlayTalkRead explains why messy play is so good for your children.

Tips for creative activities to try

Things you can do together

Things they can do while you get on with other stuff

It’s important to play

Don’t ever feel guilty about letting your children play. It may just look like they 'e messing around, but playing is one of the most important things children do. It helps their minds develop, keeps them fit, helps them understand the world around them, and keeps them emotionally healthy.

The best thing you can do is to give them the space to play and let their imaginations run wild. Even if it means there’s a mess to tidy up afterwards!

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Last updated: 9 Oct, 2023