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PlayTalkRead craft activities

Looking for some fun ways to pass the time with your wee ones? Why not try these easy craft ideas from our friends at Smart Play Network? You'll usually find staff from Smart Play Network on board the Play Talk Read buses, Benji and Bonnie. Sadly, the buses aren't able to run at the moment because of coronavirus, so they've brought the activities to you at home instead.

All the ideas use things you may well already have lying about at home, like bottles and washing up liquid, or things you can find outdoors. And your kids can then spend time playing with the new toys they’ve made – win win! We’ll be adding a new video each week, so keep checking back for more.


#1: Bubble cups

Kids love playing with bubbles! These bubble cups are easy to make and lots of fun to play with afterwards – especially in the bath! 

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#2: Rainbow rice

This fun sensory activity makes use of something we all have in our homes these days – hand sanitiser!

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#3: Ribbon wands

Have fun making these cute ribbon wands together, then cast some magic around the house! Is there a spell to help them tidy their room? Messius awayo?

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#4: Painting with no brushes

Painting with a brush is fun – but has your wee one tried painting with a sponge, fork, toilet roll or other household items? Here’s how.

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#5: Paper plate jellyfish

Wee ones will love making their own wibbly wobbly jellyfish – how will they decorate theirs?

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#6: Discovery bottles

Bring nature indoors by making a lovely discovery bottle together. Here’s how.

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Last updated: 19 Nov, 2020