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Things to do with your toddler

Are you running out of ideas to keep your wee one amused? Here are some suggestions for fun activities you can try together, and some things they can try on their own – with your supervision of course!

Things you can do together

Tip #1: Green gloop

Messy play is always fun, so why not try making this green slimy gloop with your little one? Just put 2 cups of cornflour, a cup of water, and a couple of drops of green food colouring into a plastic bowl. Get your little one to mix it all up then have fun mashing and moulding it into different shapes together.

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Tip #2: Be a tickle monster

Chase your little one around as the tickle monster! It’s sure to make them laugh and will tire them out as well.

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Tip #3: Hand-print art

Using children’s paint, cover your little one’s hands then get them to press their hand onto paper. What animals can you make from the handprints? If your kids enjoy this, there are loads more arty ideas on the CBeebies website. You could also try painting with other household objects, like a sponge, fork or toilet roll or other household items. The video here shows you how.

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Tip #4: Baby basketball

This game couldn’t be simpler – you just need a basket or plastic tub and some scrunched up paper balls. Take it in turns to see if you can get a slam-dunk! Get them to collect the balls to tire them out. You can find more fun ball games to play with your toddler here.

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Tip #5: Home-made play dough

Got flour, food colouring and oil in your cupboards? Then you have all the ingredients to make playdough! Hours of creative fun guaranteed! This recipe from the BBC shows you how to make it.

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Tip #6: Make a paper plate jellyfish

Wee ones will love making their own wibbly wobbly jellyfish – how will they decorate theirs?

You can find more ideas from Smart Play Network here.

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Activities they can do while you get on with other things

Of course you can never entirely take your eyes off a toddler, but here are some activities you can get them to do while you get on with other things – like having a nice cup of tea (or, more likely, getting on with some housework)!

Tip #1: Build a den

If you’re trying to get some work done, why not give your toddler some blankets, towels and cushions and ask them to build a den in the room you’re working in? You could reward them for a job well done by joining them inside when you’re done and reading a story together.

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Tip #2: Play shops

Help them get some tins from the kitchen, then get them to set up their own shop. They can add prices to the tins and even make their own money. Their toys can be customers – they could even get them stand 2 metres apart!

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Tip #3: The tidy up game

Ready, set, go – tidy away your toys! It’s fun to see how quickly your little one can tidy up and saves you a job too – win win! Why not time them and keep a record to try and beat? It’s a good way to tire them out later in the day, and will also make them feel more independent.

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Tip #4: Go bowling

Set up a bowling alley using bottles (plastic or reusable, not glass!). If you don’t have a ball, your wee one could always throw a small cushion or toy instead. Show them how to set it up so they can do it themselves and you can get on with other things while they practise.

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Tip #5: Fun with bubbles

If you’re trying to get on with things in the kitchen, full a bowl or bucket full of lukewarm soapy water and let your wee one have some fun with bubbles. You could give your little one some plastic cups and bottles to make waves, whirlpools and waterfalls. Your kitchen floor may get a wash as well!

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