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Things to do indoors with your toddler

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Play & Learn Indoor activities and games

Are you running out of ideas to keep your wee one amused? Here are some suggestions for fun activities you can try together, and some things they can try on their own – with your supervision of course!

Help getting active

Being outside improves everyone’s wellbeing, and this is as true for toddlers and younger kids as it is for anyone. But if you can’t get outdoors for any reason, they can still have fun burning off energy indoors. Here are some ideas you can try.

Tips for getting active indoors with your toddler

Getting creative

Helping your toddler get creative is also an important way to boost their wellbeing. It might look like a mess at times, but having fun with paints and crafts is a vital way for them to learn to express themselves. This helps their minds develop and boosts their self-confidence. It also helps develop their fine motor skills and ability to concentrate on a task at hand. And most importantly, it’s fun!

Things you can do together

Activities they can do while you get on with other things

Of course you can never entirely take your eyes off a toddler, but here are some activities you can get them to do while you get on with other things – like having a nice cup of tea (or, more likely, getting on with some housework)!

Importance of time together

At different times during the day, try to be part of your child’s play. This doesn’t have to be with toys: ordinary life can be playful. You and your child can have fun folding the washing, or preparing tea.

Let your child help with tasks or do them themselves if they can – even if this slows you down a bit. Being able to contribute helps your child learn to manage by themselves.

The most important thing is that you’re doing something fun together. Let your child direct the play and follow their lead, even if it means the same thing over and over. Even twenty minutes a day of focussed play together can make all the difference to helping your child relax. This is good for your child’s development as your attention helps them understand the world around them. It also helps them understand that they are safe, connected to, and cared for. And they are times you can both treasure in the future.

Getting enough physical activity can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. If the weather outside is horrible you might not want to leave the house. But being active is very important for children. It lets them burn off energy and boost their mood and reduces stress. This is just as true for you too! Have a look at some of our ideas for things to do indoors with your toddler. We also have advice for exercising if you can’t go outside.

Last updated: 23 Dec, 2021