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Bookbug is Scotland’s universal early years book gifting programme and aims to inspire a love of stories, songs and rhymes from birth. 

Sharing stories, songs and rhymes with babies and young children has many benefits including supporting children’s language, learning and social skills. It’s fun, free and simple, and the benefits will last their lifetime.

The Bookbug Bags and Bookbug Sessions support families to do more of these activities, which help build bonds and develop relationships and most importantly, are fun.

Bookbug bags

Contents of the P1 Bookbug activity bag for 2023

Contents of the P1 Bookbug activity bag for 2023

Bookbug gives every child in Scotland four free bags of books as babies, toddlers, three and five year olds. The bags contain books and other resources for sharing songs and rhymes that are suited to their age.

Gaelic Bookbug Bags are also available.

For children with additional support needs, Bookbug offers tactile books in addition to the Bookbug Bags.

You can find more information about the bags on the Scottish Book Trust’s website

Bookbug sessions

Bookbug logo

Bookbug logo

You can bring your little one to free story, song and rhyme sessions at your local library or community venue. Going to a Bookbug Session is a great way for families to spend time bonding with each other and meet other families. Bookbug Sessions can also help to build children’s social skills and support their speech and language development.

Find out more information about Bookbug Sessions and where they are held on the Scottish Book Trust website

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Last updated: 26 Sep, 2023