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Games to try at home

Tip #1: Fantubeulous

See how many fun games you can play with a tube. 

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Tip #2: Hide and seek

Have a game of hide and seek in the house together. Why not take turns to count and hide? They will be giggling when they spot your feet poking out from under the living room curtain!

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Tip #3: Peek-a-boo

Hide behind your hands then surprise your tot by reappearing – boo! For extra giggles, you can make funny noises. You can play this anywhere and anytime for instant chuckles.

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Tip #4: The wrong name game

While you’re reading a story together that you both know well, try saying the wrong word and see if your child corrects you. Call the Gruffalo a buffalo, or change the "Tiger Who Came to Tea" to the "Banana Who Came to Tea".

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Tip #5: No laughing game

Make a rule that nobody can smile or laugh for a minute and see who lasts the longest. It won’t be long before one of you giggles. It’s a game you’ll both love to play.

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Tip #6: Bubble beard

At bathtime, give them a bubble beard, or maybe some bubble hair!

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Tip #7: Be a tickle monster

Chase your little one around as the tickle monster! It’s sure to make them laugh and it’s fun to play on a rainy day.

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Tip #8: Silly characters

Reading a book is so much more fun when you do a silly voice for each character. The sillier the voice, the more they’ll laugh. You can even use their favourite character’s silly voice to help distract from a tantrum when you’re out and about.

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Tip #9: Animal noises

Have a go at making animal noises together. Can you make the noise of animals you spot out and about? Can you tweet like a bird or bark like a dog? For extra laughs, make the wrong sound for the animal. It’s always funny when a cat goes ‘moo’.

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Tip #10: Penguin waddle

Whether you’re on the way to the shops or the bus stop or just moving round the house, it’s always a hoot to waddle like penguins together. Who can be the waddliest penguin?

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Tip #11: Banana phone

Dring dring – what’s the noise? It’s a banana phone, of course. Now, why not try and get your little one to phone granny on it. It’s always good to carry a banana in case of hunger pangs too.

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