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How to help kids with their maths homework

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You’re not alone if it's a struggle to get their homework done. Whether they’re tired, you’re low on time or you’re just a bit rusty – some days it's just not happening.

The good news is there are easy ways to help your child with maths as part of your daily routine. There are also loads of maths games you can play whether it's a rainy day or you're out and about. Here are some top tips from mums and dads for fun ways to help your child with their maths:

Tips to make maths homework fun

Maths games to play together

Top tip: keep it fun!

Don't worry if your child gets the answer wrong. Let them know it's not a big deal. Try to praise their effort rather than them getting answers right. That way, they'll get more confident at trying to solve things, even if they don't come up with the right answer straight away.

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Last updated: 7 Nov, 2023