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Tips for going shopping with your toddler

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We’ve all been there, when our wee one decides to have a tantrum when we’re in the middle of shopping. It‘s stressful for you and makes going to the supermarket such hard work.

You’ve probably tried a lot of things already, but our list of tried and tested tips from other parents will hopefully give you plenty of good ideas for dealing with tantrums.

Top tips for taking your toddler to the shops

What the professionals say

“Shopping with your child can sometimes be difficult. Your toddler throws a tantrum in the supermarket and you don’t know what to do. No-one knows your child better than you, so you’re in the best position to be able to spot what leads to a tantrum and either stop it from happening or deal with it effectively. But don’t worry when they do happen. Tantrums are just your toddler’s frustrations bubbling over. They can be difficult for them to deal with on their own and hugely frustrating for mums and dads too. Look out for and try to avoid common triggers like your toddler being tired, hungry, or too hot or cold.”

Carol Ramsay, Family Nurse Supervisor, NHS Tayside Family Nurse Partnership (FNP)

More information

Our Help and advice page has lots of different places to look for support. You can talk to your Health Visitor or Family Nurse about your child’s behaviour and how you are dealing with it.

For other tried and tested help with tantrums, you can also check out Ready Steady Toddler for lots more suggestions and tips.

Being a parent is the best job in the world, but it can also be one of the most stressful. There will be days when it all feels a little too much. To help you manage the challenges ahead, Parent Club has some tips on coping with being a parent and keeping calm with your wee one so you can build a rewarding relationship together.

Animation of cartoon character frustration meter

Animation of cartoon character frustration meter

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Last updated: 17 Sep, 2021