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Whether you’re in the supermarket, on a bus, or in the park – there’s always fun to be found with your little one. Here are some tips and activities from other parents to try next time you’re out and about.

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Top out and about tips

Tip #1: Sing songs

It’s an oldie but a goldie. Sing ‘The wheels on the bus’ together when they see one drive past. It’s brilliant for keeping them entertained as you walk, or you could sing it while you're on the bus.

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Tip #2: Play I-Spy

Playing 'I-Spy with my little eye' is a simple game you can play on the bus, tram or train to keep little ones from getting bored. Why not try it in the supermarket too?

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Tip #3: Make scrapbooks

Collect something wherever you go to make a scrapbook when you get home. The park is a great place to gather leaves – you could paint on them and print their pattern on paper, too. It’s something to enjoy together both out and about and when you get home.

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Tip #4: Imagine stories

Image of a cat next to the quote 'Outside Keep Them Happy by being chatty.'

Get your little one’s imagination going by making up new stories about places you visit. Maybe a friendly monster lives in a tree you go past? The possibilities are endless. Maybe you could draw the characters from the story when you get home?

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Tip #5: Go to the library

Visit your local library and enjoy free stories, songs and rhymes together at a Bookbug Session.

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Tip #6: Count things

There are lots of people and cars and buses to count when you’re out and about. Next time you’re waiting in a queue, why not ask your little one to count how many people are waiting or how many are wearing red jackets?

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Tip #7: Puddle jump

Brighten up rainy days by jumping in puddles. Because it doesn’t have to be sunny to have fun. But don’t forget to wear wellies!

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Tip #8: Door numbers

Wee ones enjoy spotting door numbers and counting them as you walk along the street. You can spot lots of different colours too. It’s a fun everyday game to enjoy together.

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Tip #9: ABC game

Toddler choosing fruit and veg in the supermarket with dad

Point things out and about that start with each letter of the alphabet. It’s something they will love to play in the supermarket. A is for apple. B is for banana. C is for carrot, or maybe even cucumber.

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Tip #10: Paper, scissors, stone

This is a fun game to play together wherever you are. The best part is, you don’t need to carry anything around with you to enjoy it, and it’s an instant distraction from tantrums in any situation. You can find instructions for playing on WikiHow if you're not sure.

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