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Dealing with conflict with your teen

We all know teenagers' moods can go up and down, sometimes on a daily basis. And that is just part of being a teenager. And it’s inevitable that parents and teenagers argue from time to time. This isn’t unusual. And it isn’t even necessarily a bad thing. Teenagers are learning to become independent, and this is just part of that.

However, if you’re arguing all the time, or you’re worried about how angry or upset they are, there are steps you can take to calm things down.

Tips to dealing with conflict with your teen

If things get violent

Teens often don’t know how to control or express extreme emotions like anger. And this can sometimes spill over into violence. This can be shocking and upsetting. But try not to overreact in the moment. Let them know that this is never acceptable and walk away until they have calmed down. This page from YoungMinds has good advice for dealing with angry teens, while this page on the NHS website has more advice about what to do if your teen becomes aggressive.

Last updated: 4 Sep, 2023