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We’ve got a plateful of videos that are all about cooking quick and tasty meals for your family. When you try one get your kids to cook along with you. Why? Well, getting them involved is not only good fun, but also keeps them busy until tea time, which should make things a bit easier for you. And here’s the thing - you might find that they eat a little more if they’ve helped make it. Sweet.

Ready? Just click on the meal you want to make and cookalong. You can pause or go back at any time.​

Soup and starters

Soup is a great way of getting veggies into kids! You can find more tasty soup recipes here.


Stuck for ideas for lunch or dinner? Try these simple, tasty recipes. You can find more lunch and main recipes here.

Healthy Beef & Pepper Stir Fry Recipe

Sweet Chilli Vegetable Fried Rice


These tasty treats are perfect for pudding. You can find more dessert recipes here.

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Last updated: 17 Aug, 2023