First few days

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Welcoming a new baby into your family is such an exciting time. You probably feel like you’ll never be able to stop gazing adoringly at this gorgeous little person who has come into your life – or stop cuddling them. Although, for some of us that takes time and early on we just feel dazed and overwhelmed. That’s perfectly normal.

The good news is, holding and snuggling your wee one will really help the baby to feel secure and help you to bond with the baby. So our advice is – do it as much as you can – it really helps with the baby’s brain development!

There’s a lot to think about with your new arrival – and it can feel a bit daunting – but you’ll have lots of support from your midwife or health visitor when you first bring your baby home. We’re also here with handy hints and advice to help you make the most of every minute… or just survive it!