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Second trimester (14-27 weeks) tips

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The second trimester starts in week 14 of your pregnancy, and lasts through to the end of week 27. Like many women, you might find this is the most comfortable of all three trimesters. You’ll likely find you experience some changes, with most of your early pregnancy symptoms easing up. Everyone’s different so don’t worry if they don’t. Your favourite (healthy) foods might be back on the menu, and you could find your energy levels start to rise.

There’s lots to look forward to – and the real highlight of this trimester is that your bump will look much more like a pregnant tum as your growing baby starts to put on weight. And while you’re getting your mojo back, your wee one is busy learning how to yawn and hiccup, and flex those tiny little arms and legs inside you. 

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For more information on the different stages of your pregnancy, ask your midwife or visit Ready Steady Baby.

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2023