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First trimester (0-13 weeks) tips

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The first trimester lasts from week 1 through to the end of week 13 of your pregnancy. You may not look pregnant yet, but you’re probably feeling it. It’s an exciting time as there is a lot going on. Your baby is beginning to develop, and your body is changing too.

We’ve got some great tips to see you through this first stage and help you feel prepared for everything that’s ahead - from dealing with all those unfamiliar hormones, to bonding with your growing baby bump! If you’d like to see what stage of development your baby may be at each week Ready Steady Baby has a really interesting timeline.

Top tips from parents-to-be

Tip #1: Feeling unwell

If you're not feeling like yourself at the start of your pregnancy, don't worry - many women don’t feel 100%. As every pregnancy is different, you may feel great. Or even have ups and downs. In these first few weeks, your hormones are pretty busy – and this can affect how you feel.

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Tip #2: Talk about it

If you’re feeling worried about your pregnancy, it’s important to talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. Make sure you chat to your midwife about any concerns, as she’ll be able to talk through any of your worries and reassure you.

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Tip #3: Bump selfies

It can be fun to take a picture of your bump once a week to keep a record of your growing baby. You might not see a lot of change during the first trimester, but as your bump grows, the bigger the changes in the photographs!

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Tip #4: Talk to bump

Take some time to form a bond with your growing baby. Your little one will hear and recognise your voice even at this early stage, so you can start talking to your bump, let them hear some music, and encourage your partner to get involved as a way of helping your baby develop.

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Tip #5: Cooking smells

You might find that cooking smells make morning sickness worse - so if your partner is handy around the kitchen, this could be a good time to let them take charge at mealtimes.

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Tip #6: Off your food?

There may be some foods you used to like but can't face right now. If they're strong smelling you could ask your family to avoid eating them when you're around. Hang on in there - the second trimester usually brings some welcome relief.

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More information

For more information on the different stages of your pregnancy, ask your midwife or visit Ready Steady Baby.

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Last updated: 5 Feb, 2020