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Third trimester (28-40 weeks) tips

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The third trimester begins in week 28 and lasts until you give birth, which may be around week 40 of your pregnancy. Your baby still has plenty of growing to do - but you’re nearly there! If you can, use these last weeks to get ready for the baby’s arrival and enjoy some time for yourself. You might start to feel you’re slowing down a little now, so take any offers of help you can get and put yourself first. Not always easy, we know.

We’ve got some quick tips to help you through your third trimester, and to help you feel confident and ready for the big day - from planning for the birth, to preparing tasty meals to pop in the freezer.

Top tips from parents-to-be

Tip #1: Erin's advice

By Erin, Mum of 1

Erin shares her tips for getting a comfy night’s sleep whilst pregnant.

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Tip #2: Fill up the freezer

You’ll find that once your wee one arrives it can be difficult to fit in time to cook and prepare food for yourself. If you have a freezer at home, you could try batch cooking and freeze some cooked meals now, so you have them for the first few weeks after the baby is home. Preparation in advance can be a lifesaver for hungry new mums and dads.

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Tip #3: Birth plans

Take the time to really talk through your plans for the birth with your birthing partner well before your due date. Whether it's driving you to hospital, or holding your hand during contractions, it's better to talk about it in advance. That way, they’ll know what you want and can do all the talking when you’re in labour. It can take a load off your mind to know that your partner can help you communicate your needs and wants.

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Tip #4: Kelly's advice

By Kelly, Mum of 1

Kelly talks to us about using a pregnancy pillow to sleep.

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Tip #5: Phone numbers

Pop all the important numbers in your phone now, including your local hospital, GP and midwife, so you can get hold of people when the time comes.

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Tip #6: Be prepared

It’s not unusual for a baby to arrive early. Or late. They tend to have their own ideas about things. It’s a good idea to try and have your bag packed a few weeks before your due date, just in case.

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Tip #7: For the office

If you’re still working and need to sit a lot, getting comfy can be tricky - especially as your baby bump gets bigger. Remember to get up every couple of hours and move around. The closer you get to the birth, try not to do too much around the house if you can help it, and get as much rest as you can.

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What the professionals say

"Be kind to yourself and look after yourself and if there is something you want to do use the people around you to support you and help you achieve that."

Lesley Weir, Family Nurse Partnership

More information

For more information on going into labour and giving birth, speak to your midwife. There’s also a lot of useful information at Ready Steady Baby.

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Last updated: 1 Feb, 2021