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In Scotland, 4 babies a week are stillborn. Sometimes we don’t know the cause but we do know there are ways to reduce the risk. Here you can download leaflets and posters to spread the word about ways to reduce the risk.

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Stillbirth leaflet

Download the stillbirth leaflet:


Download the leaflet in English


ولادة جنين ميت

تحميل الكتيب باللغة العربية


Urodzenie martwe

Pobierz ulotkę po polsku

Simplified Chinese



The leaflet is also available on YouTube in BSL and as an audio file.

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Stillbirth poster

Download the stillbirth poster:

The poster is also available on YouTube in BSL.

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Supporting you after a stillbirth

Stillbirth is one of the most devastating experiences any family can go through and it can take a long time to adjust to life after the death of a baby. However, you’re not alone and there are a wide range of support groups and health professionals who can help and support you during this very difficult time.

If you’ve experienced stillbirth, find out more about the help and support available to you. You can also visit Ready Steady Baby for more information.

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