Money, Work & Your Rights

Many of us are worrying about money at the moment. The cost of living crisis is affecting almost everybody in some way, so if you’re having problems making ends meet, you’re not alone. But there is support out there –  so it’s always worth checking what you could be entitled to. There are lots of organisations ready to help and support you and you’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting in touch.

In this section we’ll look at how you can make the most of your money and get everything that you’re entitled to, because every penny counts.

Worrying about how to make ends meet can affect every aspect of your life. So don’t forget that as well as the organisations that can help with money worries, there are also lots of people that can help you if things are getting you down, including your GP. Our section on Wellbeing and mental health has lots of advice that can help.

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