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How to save money on rent, mortgages and council tax

For most people, rent or mortgage and council tax are the biggest monthly expenses. Here are some ways you may be able to save, or get support to pay them.

If you aren't sure whether you're entitled to any of the support listed below, you can get advice from the Money Talk Team. They’ll talk through your monthly outgoings and bills, and let you know if there are any benefits or grants you are entitled to.

Saving on rent

Who doesn't want to save some money off their monthly rent bill? Here we have some top rent saving ideas that might work for you.

Top tips for saving money on rent

What can I do if I can’t pay my rent?

If you’re falling behind with your rent payments, remember that help is available. So whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem, because if you do, your landlord could ask you to move out (this is known as eviction). However, it’s important to remember that your landlord can’t just kick you out – they have to go through certain steps first.

So keep paying what you can and talk to an adviser from the Money Talk Team or Shelter Scotland as soon as you can. You’ll find lots of help and advice on the Shelter Scotland website.

Saving on council tax

Council tax is one of the biggest costs families face. Whether you pay monthly or yearly it can really make a difference to your budget, and being in the know about discounts and exemptions can help stretch your money that much further.

Image of a woman sitting at a table holding a pen and looking at her phone, with a laptop in front of her.

Image of a woman sitting at a table holding a pen and looking at her phone, with a laptop in front of her.

Tips for saving on council tax

What if I'm in arrears with my council tax?

If your council has contacted you about owing them payments, you can access advice at the Money Talk Team or Stepchange websites. 

The Money Talk Team can’t take any grants or benefits away from you and if it turns out you're receiving something which doesn’t match up with the information you gave, they’ll let you know. 

Saving on your mortgage

You may be able to save on your mortgage by switching to another bank or building society or changing the term of your mortgage (the length of time you’ll take to pay it off). You can find out more about changing your mortgage and reducing your mortgage payments on the Shelter Scotland website.

What if I'm having problems paying my mortgage?

If you’re having problems paying your mortgage, it’s really important to talk to your bank or building society and keep paying as much as you can towards it, and to get help and advice as soon as you can. If you fall too far behind with your mortgage payments, you could risk losing your home. You can find lots more help and advice on the Shelter Scotland website.

Last updated: 26 Jan, 2023