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Save money by shopping second-hand

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Kids outgrown their coats again? Need a present for a birthday party? Or maybe you need to replace your sofa, or a kitchen appliance? Charity shops and second-hand stores are great places to shop for clothes, toys, things for the home and lots more! And what with celebrities turning up on the catwalk in vintage dresses, there’s absolutely nothing embarrassing about shopping second-hand. And you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet, as well as saving cash.

“I'll normally go into any charity shop I pass to have a rummage; I really enjoy the hunt for quality items that I can purchase for less, especially for gifts. I'm always finding great clothing and shoes for my daughter by quality brands for a fraction of the original price. For example, I found her two pairs of converse trainers that looked brand new for £2 each.”

- Yoanna, mum of an 18-month-old daughter

Save money, help save the planet

Shopping second-hand is not only a great way to save money, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. Buying a pre-loved item means one less new product that needs to be made. Everything we consume creates carbon through the production, manufacture and transport of the materials involved.

“Shopping second-hand is a win-win: it means you’re avoiding contributing to demand for new items that require new resources to make them. What’s more, it’s not only better for your bank balance – there’s the added bonus that when you shop second-hand you’re supporting good causes in the community.”

- Harriet, mum of a 16-month-old daughter

Support good causes

When you buy something in a charity shop, you’re helping to support that charity’s work. You save money, and they raise funds!

Turn shopping into a treasure hunt

Image of small, brightly coloured toys on a table.

Image of small, brightly coloured toys on a table.

Does your wee one get stroppy when you’re out shopping? Why not turn bargain hunting into treasure hunting? Challenge your wee one to find a toy or gift that fits your budget in a charity shop and see what they come up with!

You’ll find more tips for shopping with toddlers and children here.

How do I know if a second-hand shop is value for money?

Image of the Revolve logo with the words 'Revolve First Choice for Second Hand.'

Image of the Revolve logo with the words 'Revolve First Choice for Second Hand.'

Look out for the Revolve logo when you’re out shopping. Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use quality standard for shops who sell second-hand goods in Scotland. This means any products sold there have been checked for quality, safety and cleanliness.

Last updated: 16 Oct, 2023