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At the moment a lot of families are finding it hard to make ends meet, so if you’re in this situation you’re not alone. You may feel you’ve tried everything to save and make a bit of extra money. But here you’ll find lots of tips for saving on household costs and other expenses and boosting your income where you can.

If getting to grips with all of this is making your head spin, you’re not the only one. For a step by step look at a range of different money issues, from benefits and grants to banking and making the most of your money, the Money map from Citizens Advice Scotland can really help. And you can get help from the Money Talk Team. They’ll check whether you’re getting as much income as possible, and help you find ways to pay out less each month. They also give debt advice if you need it.

Worrying about how to make ends meet can affect every aspect of your life. So don’t forget that as well as the organisations that can help with money worries, there are also lots of people that can help you if things are getting you down, including your GP. Our page on wellbeing for parents has more advice.

Cost of living support


You can find more advice on coping with increasing energy bills, managing rent, support for families, health and wellbeing and benefits and one-off payments and more at

Cost of living support

Cost of living support