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Here you'll find more information on benefits and one-off payments that are available to parents, with information on how to find out if you can claim them. We also direct you to trusted advice that’s tailored to your family needs.

And even if you think your family isn’t entitled to any financial support, it’s important to check all the same – you may be surprised. You could take a look at the entitledto benefits calculator, which will help you work out if you’re eligible for benefits from both the UK and Scottish Governments.

Don’t forget that as well as the organisations that can help with money worries, there are also lots of people that can help you if things are getting you down, including your GP. Our page on wellbeing for parents has more advice.


You can find more advice on coping with increasing energy bills, managing rent, support for families, health and wellbeing and benefits and one-off payments and more at

Cost of living support

Cost of living support