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1-5 year olds' development

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The toddler and pre-school years are when your child develops from a baby into a person in their own right. This can have its challenges, but it’s also exciting and heart-warming to see your wee one grow and develop their own personality. It’s good to remember that all wee ones grow and develop at different rates, so these guides are just to give you a rough idea of what your child should be getting up to at different ages. For example, some wee ones are quick to learn to walk, but find using their hands more tricky – or the other way round.

However, if you have any concerns about your child’s development, remember you can always talk to your health visitor, family nurse or GP. This timeline on the NHSGGC website has more information on your child’s development. If your child was premature or ill as a baby, they’ll develop at a slower rate – this is perfectly normal and your health visitor will support you as your wee one grows up.