When will my baby start walking? Or talking? When should we start toilet training? These are just some of the questions you may have as you start and continue along the parenting journey. Here we do our best to answer any questions you may have about your child’s development.

Helping your baby learn to communicate

Babies are born ready to communicate – and it’s through their early interaction with their mum, dad or carer that they learn how to express themselves. Find out how you can encourage your baby to communicate and help them learn to socialise, from their first interactions to their first words and beyond.

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Nappy changing, potty and toilet training

Finding it a challenge to get their nappy changed? Toiling with potty training? Every parent has been there! Get top tips and tricks for nappy changing time and for making the step from nappies to using the potty or toilet.

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Your 1-5 year old’s development

The toddler and pre-school years are when your child develops from a baby into a person in their own right. All wee ones grow and develop at different rates, but our guides can give you a rough idea of what your child should be getting up to at different ages. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, remember you can always talk to your health visitor, family nurse or GP.

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Helping 3-5 year olds with speech and language

Congratulations – you’ve made it through the ‘terrible twos’! The next three years are an important time in children’s development. And the good news is, simple things you can do every day with your child, like chatting, playing and reading together, can help them develop the skills they need to learn, express themselves and socialise. All these little interactions light up your little one’s mind, boosting their speech, language and communication skills, now and in their future.

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