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Activities to do with multiple children

If you have children of different ages you might have found the past year more challenging than most. It’s normal for brothers and sisters to argue, so try not to let the squabbling get you down. If you’re looking for tips for keeping the peace, you’ll find plenty on our page on managing multiple children. And if you’re after ways to keep them busy and active, here are some games to play indoors and outdoors that are best with a few players.

Things to do indoors

Games to play outdoors

Keeping one child entertained is hard enough. But when you have more than one child to keep busy it can feel even harder. Even getting them all out the door can be a struggle. We have some activities and games to help you keep them happy when you’re all out and about.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, send the kids out there as often as you can to burn off some energy! Otherwise, you could head to a local park or green space and play some running around games. Here are some ideas – you may recognise a few traditional favourites! You could even look on this as a fun opportunity to introduce the kids to the games you played when you were young. 

Remember, if you live in an area in levels 1-4 and are meeting in a public place you should only play these games with people in your family or extended household as they involve contact. When playing, you should always follow physical distancing guidelines and be aware of others using the park, and remember to wash your hands thoroughly when you get home. 

You can find more outdoor activity ideas and more information on sports and other outdoor activities for children here.

Can we take the kids to a play park?

Yes. Our page on sport, play and children's activities has tips on how to use play parks safely.

More ideas

You can find more ideas for keeping kids active on the Actify website.