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Having fun indoors with your toddler

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Toddlers are full of energy – it can sometimes seem like they’ll never tire out! With everyone having spent more time indoors this year, you might have found it hard to let them burn off enough steam. But there’s nothing stopping you spending time outside and letting them use up all that energy – even if the weather’s not the best.

Getting outdoors is important for everyone's wellbeing, especially for younger children. There’s no such thing as too much fresh air, and getting active benefits your wee one in all sorts of ways. Being active helps their minds grow, it boosts their confidence, it helps them manage stress, it keeps them happy, and it even helps them sleep! That’s a lot!

It can sometimes be hard to think of new things that will keep your kids busy. But simple things like playing and running around outside are great fun for your wee one. Here are some ideas that other parents have found helpful. To avoid any meltdowns, try packing a snack like a banana or an orange will often keep them going until you get home.

What the parents say

Help getting active

Keeping a toddler with limitless energy entertained has been tough over the last year. That’s what our page on Getting into Summer  is here to help with. Take a look and find free and discounted activities for you and your wee one to enjoy.

What the professionals say

"Many busy families find it hard to set aside even half an hour each day to play, but you can make everyday activities playful. Let them push the vacuum cleaner, give them a duster to polish alongside you, play peek-a-boo under the duvet as you make the beds, let them help to make the sandwiches for lunch, wash up any plastic dishes, or set the table. It does take twice as long but they’ll love it – and does it really matter if the sandwiches are lop-sided?"

Christine Puckering, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Glasgow University

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Last updated: 10 Jun, 2021