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Things to do indoors with your baby

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Play & Learn Indoor activities and games

They may not be able to tell you, but babies love spending time with their parents. Playing with your baby makes you even closer and it helps them become more sociable, and to grow up healthy and happy. Here are some tips for games you can play to have fun – and maybe prevent a few tears and tantrums!

Things to do at home with your baby

Connecting with your baby

Your baby is born ready to start communicating with you. Babies like to “chat” with their parents from day one. The tuneful voice that parents naturally use with babies isn’t silly – it’s exactly what babies like to respond to. It can take a baby at least 10 seconds to get a response together, so take your time to see what your baby does before you talk back.

It might feel difficult finding the time to slow down and chat with your baby. But your attention is the best thing you can give them. So try to make time to talk and play with them throughout the day. It could be getting them to help you put clothes away, or singing songs together while you change their nappy or do the dishes. Babies are complicated wee things but their needs are fairly simple, they just want to feel cared for and safe.

Serve and return

One bit of magic is called “serve and return”. Watch out for your baby making a movement, a smile or a sound. Respond to them in a similar way, and add to it. So your baby might say “da!”. If you smile and say “yes, it’s daddy!” your baby will feel connected with you. It helps them learn to communicate, too.

Or your baby might look at something, and you can say what it is and show it to them. Then pause and see how your baby responds. Keep the chat going as long as your baby is interested. Even if you’re busy with housework or other tasks, it can be fun to playfully involve your baby by “chatting” about what you're doing.

Last updated: 18 Apr, 2023