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Having fun outdoors with your baby

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Between 6-12 months, your baby starts to become curious about everything around them. This can be enough to start them crawling or walking as they try to get to something just out of their reach. Whatever age they are, it’s good to get them out as much as you can. Our tips may give you some good ideas for ways to play when you’re out and about.

What the parents say

Tip #1: Collecting leaves

Try and get your baby to pick up leaves or daisies, and ask them place them in a pile or box. This will get your little ones reaching and crawling around.

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Tip #2: Spot the bus

Tip #2: Spot the bus

Tip #2: Spot the bus

When you’re out and about, pointing at things around you can be a great way of teaching your wee one, and also helps to keep them entertained. They’ll enjoy things like pointing at buses and trying to find the ‘nee-naws’.

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Tip #3: Sandpits

Make your child their own mini sandpit using an old plastic box and some play sand. You could even try hiding objects in the sand for your child to find.

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Tip #4: Stretching

For some gentle exercise, sit or lie your wee one on a blanket and get them to stretch out like a starfish, or see how far they can reach.

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Tip #5: Feeding the ducks

Tip #5: Feeding the ducks

Tip #5: Feeding the ducks

Don’t forget to take some peas, rice or oats to when visiting the local park. It’s a great way of keeping your baby entertained while you go for a stroll around outside.

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What the professionals say

“By the time they are 10 months old, babies love toys that make interesting sounds and move about. They can use their fingers and hands to pull and open things and see how the toy responds. All you need to do is show your baby what to do, and they’ll have great fun trying to copy you. And it will keep them occupied for longer periods of time.”

Debbie Balshaw, Lead Nurse Early Years, Nursing Directorate, NHS Tayside

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Last updated: 31 Oct, 2018

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