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Having fun outdoors with your baby

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Between 6 - 12 months, your baby starts to become even more curious about everything around them. It’s great to get out of the house as much as you can to find new things for them to see. Enjoying our time outside has never been more important thanks to all the challenges we’ve faced this year. And don’t let the changeable Scottish weather stop you and your baby getting out and about. There’s a whole world of new experiences waiting for you and your child.

Being outdoors is just as important for you. New parents often feel cooped up at the best of times. Being able to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air with your baby is good for your mental wellbeing and helps the two of you bond.

Get Into Summer

Finding things for you and your baby to do might have been hard over the last year. Check out our Get into Summer page for help finding things to do near you. Getting active is important for you and your baby’s wellbeing, so see what activities you can enjoy over the next few months.

Fun in the park

Washing hands

It’s fun to play outside. Mud is good! However, it’s really important that we wash our hands when we get home. When we do, we lower our chances of catching and spreading germs.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds – the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice. Doing this helps us all stay safe!

Tickle for ticks

Remember to check for ticks after playing outside - particularly if you've been in long grass or woodlands. These little critters attach to skin underneath clothing and can make little ones poorly. Why not make a fun game out of checking for ticks - by having a good look then tickling for lots of giggles? For guidance on how to remove ticks, visit NHS inform.

Remember to take your litter home

If you’re planning on exploring the great outdoors, please remember to take your litter home with you or bin it. Scotland is stunning – let's keep it that way

More information

Our Community & Support page has lots of different places to look for support. We have a page on the common questions new parents ask as well.

When out and about, it’s always a good idea to check for litter or any unhygienic or sharp objects on the ground to keep your baby safe before playing. Little ones should always check with a grown up before picking things off the ground.

Last updated: 22 Sep, 2021