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Weaning tips

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They grow up so fast. One moment you have a newborn, and the next moment you have a six-month old ready to start eating solids. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes, so we’ve created our Weaning tips page to help make life a little easier. It’s full of tips and tricks to make sure things keep going down smoothly with your little ones. You’ll even find tried and tested techniques from parents and professionals who have learnt things the hard way, so you hopefully don’t have to.

Top tried and tested weaning tips

What the parents say

What the professionals say

“If you want your baby to enjoy eating solids, try making sure they’re comfortable first. A high-chair will give them all the support they need, and make them far less likely to choke. They’ll also feel more independent, as it makes it easier to pick up foods with their fingers.”

Carol Ramsay, Family Nurse Supervisor, NHS Tayside Family Nurse Partnership 

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To get more information on weaning, including advice and recipes and information on what food to avoid, visit the Ready Steady Baby website.

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Last updated: 2 May, 2023