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Weaning tips

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They grow up so fast. One moment you have a newborn, and the next moment you have a six-month old ready to start eating solids. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes, so we’ve created our Weaning tips page to help make life a little easier. It’s full of tips and tricks to make sure things keep going down smoothly with your little ones. You’ll even find tried and tested techniques from parents and professionals who have learnt things the hard way, so you hopefully don’t have to.

Top tried and tested weaning tips

Tip #1: No doesn't always mean no

If your baby refuses to eat, don’t panic! It’s completely normal. Babies don’t always want to eat for the first few weeks, or even first few months of you trying to wean them. Thankfully, breastmilk and formula feeds will give them all they need for up to a year so you don’t have to worry.

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Tip #2: Ease them in gently

Trying out new textures can be funny the first couple of times. If your baby’s not keen on solid foods to begin with, you could always try slowly introducing them with some milky rice or porridge first. Keep reducing the amount of milk and adding in bits of fruit along the way, and your baby will soon be on the way to eating more solid foods.

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Tip #3: Try finger food!

Tip #3: Try finger food!

Tip #3: Try finger food!

Everyone loves finger food. And what better way to show your child that eating solid foods can be fun too. Cut food like bread, fruit and veg into different shapes and slices to add some excitement to more grown-up foods. There’s a reason egg and soldiers are such a hit!

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Tip #4: Stay calm

Your baby looks to you to see how they should be behaving. If you’re feeling worried about mealtimes, it’s likely to rub off on them too. Make sure to relax and enjoy dinnertime, and your baby will too.

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Tip #5: Don't try it on an empty stomach

Everyone gets cross when they’re hungry. So if you’re trying to get your child to eat something new, it’s probably best not to do it when either of you have an empty stomach. Try giving your baby some milk an hour before trying any new food to keep the munchies at bay. They’ll feel a lot happier, and will be able to take their time.

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Tip 6: Food catching bibs

Tip 7: food catching bibs

Tip 7: food catching bibs

Letting them get messy at mealtimes can help them to try different foods. These little things are perfect for letting your wee one get messy at mealtimes - and keeping the mess to a minimum.

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Tip #7: Make cleaning up easier

Pop a plastic sheet on the floor just before mealtimes to make cleaning up easier. You won’t need to fuss around your baby while they eat, or worry about cleaning up as much afterwards. A simple way of turning stressful mealtimes into more fun times.

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Tip #8: Freeze ahead

Make life easy for yourself by freezing mashed up or blended portions of food ahead of time. You’ll get all the hard stuff done in one go, and have a good supply of baby meals on hand at all times.

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Tip #9: Learn from someone older and wiser

Watching older babies or toddlers eat solids can come in very handy when your wee one is trying solids themselves. Your baby will see how it is done, and might want to try it out for themselves too!

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What the parents say

What the professionals say

“If you want your baby to enjoy eating solids, try making sure they’re comfortable first. A high-chair will give them all the support they need, and make them far less likely to choke. They’ll also feel more independent, as it makes it easier to pick up foods with their fingers.”

Carol Ramsay, Family Nurse Supervisor, NHS Tayside Family Nurse Partnership 

More infomation

To get more information on weaning, including advice and recipes and information on what food to avoid, visit the Ready Steady Baby website.

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Last updated: 8 Nov, 2018

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