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Fun games to play with your baby

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Your wee one may only be tiny, but spending time with you is a big deal to them as it helps them form an attachment with you. And by having fun together, you can help them in so many ways.

Playing, talking and reading with your baby will bring you closer together, which helps them become sociable and makes it easier for them to form friendships later on. It can also help with their movement, letting their bones, muscles and heart grow strong. The stimulation also boosts the growth of little brains, and can make a positive difference to your baby’s health and happiness in the future.

You don’t need lots of time, toys or expensive equipment for playing, talking and reading together – you can fit these little activities in easily with your everyday routine. And because they will all help your baby learn to play for longer before they get bored, it may even mean fewer temper tantrums and tears! So why not have a go? Here are some great tips to get you started.

What the parents say

What the professionals say

"Connecting with your child might happen straight away, but for some parents it may take days, or even weeks – and all of this is normal. Child experts say relationships form from an intense feeling of attachment – a strong desire to care for and protect your baby. Over time, this creates an overwhelming sense of love and affection. Playing together can help build strong bonds. This can be anything from a family stroll around the block or having a cuddle together while playing peek-a-boo at home."

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Remember that if you have any worries about your relationship with your child, it always helps to talk things through with someone. You can speak to your health visitor – and you can also read about creating a secure attachment with your baby on the Ready Steady Baby website.

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Last updated: 18 Apr, 2023