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The PlayTalkRead roadshow is all about giving you ideas for little things you can do with your wee one each day to spend time together having a bit of fun. And it's completely free to come along!

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What is the PlayTalkRead roadshow?

The PlayTalkRead vehicles are full of free activities you and your little ones can get involved in to play together. And it's completely free to come along!

You’ll pick up easy and low costs ideas to try out at home that will make your life a little bit easier – and more fun for both of you.

OUr buses are open for caregivers and children from 0 to 4. Check the PlayTalkRead Facebook page to see when we'll be in your neighbourhood.

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PlayTalkRead roadshow questions

Sessions on the mainland

Our double decker bus Benji travels around Scotland to bring you ideas of everyday things you can do at home that’ll keep your wee one entertained and give you time together.

Downstairs, you and your little ones can have fun getting messy and pick up ideas for free arts and crafts you can do at home.

Upstairs you and your little one can spend some quality time together in our Book Bug corner – singing songs, listening to stories, and saying rhymes. You don’t need to be a good singer to get involved!

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Sessions in your rural community

You won’t miss out if you live on an island, or a remote or hard to reach community. Bonnie is at your service and full of free and fun activities for you and your wee ones to have a great time together – and she even has a slide! 

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Sensory sessions for children with additional support needs

If your child has additional support needs, our sensory lorry, Bertie, is a place where you can have a bit of time out with your child to play one-on-one and have fun together.

You’ll learn new ideas for playing that cost nothing, and a chance to make friends with other parents in your neighbourhood. It’s a relaxed environment, with small groups of parents and children.

Our staff tailor the programme to you and your child, depending on their age and specific needs. The programmes helps to stimulate your child’s senses – with a fun setting including a light-up display.

We are happy to send you a “social story” before sessions that tells you all about our Play Workers and what to expect in the session.

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How accessible are the PlayTalkRead vehicles?

We have ramp so that wheelchairs can get onto the bus easily. However, due to a lack of space, we don’t have changing rooms or bathrooms.

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Do I have to pay to visit the PlayTalkRead roadshow?

The PlayTalkRead bus is completely free.

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Do I need to book buses?

Yes, you do need to book a place – just keep an eye on the PlayTalkRead Facebook page to see when we'll be in your neighbourhood and to find out more about booking. 

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Get in touch if your group wants to come to a session

The PlayTalkRead roadshow loves helping caregivers connect with their little ones.

If you are a community organisation, nursery or group that wants to pop along to a session, please contact us first so we can let you know if we have space available. You can reach us

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