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Making tea time fun for toddlers

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As most parents know, food and mealtimes can sometimes be a bit of a battle. This is one of the few areas where your toddler can express their growing independence and have control. In addition, small children are often naturally suspicious of new tastes and textures.

Here are some tips to help you avoid mealtime misery – and help tame the tyrant toddler in the high chair!

Top tips from parents

"One of my best tips for getting her kids to eat healthily is by making meal time a fun experience for them. I like to call my meals ‘dinosaur food’ or ‘tiger food’ which encourages the kids to eat without any fuss."

-    Lucy, mum from Dundee

"One of my top tips for getting my kids to eat healthily is to make homemade croquettes using pureed vegetable and mashed potatoes, coated with egg and then breadcrumbs. I sometimes use fun cookie cutter shapes and then roast them in the oven."

-    Lorna, mum from Paisley

“Our kids always enjoy peeling the shells off hard boiled eggs. And you can get them to count down with the timer while the eggs boil.” 
-    Scott, dad from Glasgow

Last updated: 9 Oct, 2023