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Top tips for mealtime, food prep and “hangry” toddlers!

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You need to juggle lots of things while you cook – and having a toddler on your hands makes things even harder! They want you to pick them up, they want to be fed, they want to weave in and out between your feet for no apparent reason.

If you're looking for some tips to get dinner on without tripping up over your toddler, here are some tips from dads and mums who've managed to get everyone fed and keep their hungry, angry little ones ('hangry' little ones!) safe.

Keeping them out of trouble while you cook

Getting little ones involved in planning meals

Getting little ones into good eating habits

Being a parent is the best job in the world, but it can also be one of the most stressful. There will be days when it all feels a little too much. To help you manage the challenges ahead, Parent Club has some tips on coping with being a parent and keeping calm with your wee one so you can build a rewarding relationship together.

Animation of cartoon character frustration meter

Animation of cartoon character frustration meter

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Last updated: 21 Aug, 2023