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From jumping in puddles to popping bubbles, there are lots of fun activities to enjoy together with your wee one before they turn three. We’ve chosen our top ten ideas tried and tested by other parents to get you started.

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What the parents say

Tip #1: Incy Wincy

Sing Incy Wincy Spider and show your little one the actions. They’ll start doing all the actions themselves in no time. Singing is a great way to beat boredom.

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Tip #2: Pop bubbles

Two toddlers playing with bubbles

To be honest, it’s fun to pop bubbles whether you’re nearly 3 or going on 53. Why not try and make giant ones with a hoop and soapy water for a really fun activity for you both. Make them jump to pop them to really tire them out!

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Tip #3: Puddle jump

There’s no such thing as bad weather, so get on your wellies and splish splash in the puddles outside. It’s fun for grown ups too – the perfect excuse. And it tires them out ready for bed later too. (That’s the little one, not the grown up.)

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Tip #4: Handprints

Using children’s paint, cover your little one’s hands then get them to press their hand onto paper. You could get them to do it again at different ages – you’ll both love to see how much they’ve grown.

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Tip #5: Pasta picture

Using PVA glue, stick pasta shapes onto paper to make pictures. There are so many different types, you can use spaghetti for hair, macaroni for eyes and so on. It’s a good way to keep them entertained.

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Tip #6: Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts aren’t just for Easter eggs – you can have fun hiding treats or simple objects any time of year, indoors or out. Why not try hiding things around the home to tire them out. You could also make a treasure map together too.

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Tip #7: Tidy game

Image of a toddler putting a toy in a toy box.

Ready, set, go – tidy away your toys! It’s fun to see how quickly your little one can tidy up and saves you a job too! Why not time them and keep a record to try and beat. It’s a good way to tire them out later in the day.

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Tip #8: Animal drawing

Animals are one of the most fun things for little ones to draw. To make it extra interesting, get them to imagine what it would look like to mix up their favourite animals. How about a giraffe with a trunk? You’ll be laughing at your creations together.

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