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Learning your baby's cues

Babies may not be able to talk, but they can still communicate and make demands! The key to a healthy, happy baby is knowing when they want to feed and feeding them before they get upset and cry - you'll soon learn your baby's own signs.

In the early days, you might find that most of the time your baby cries so they can get fed, so feed them as often and for as long as they want. It’s all about getting used to feeding and allowing your body to establish a good milk supply. Don’t worry, you cannot overfeed babies in these first few days and weeks.

Babies are very good at knowing how much milk they want to have. It’s a good thing if they are enjoying their milk! They will get into a feeding pattern as the months go on which will make it easier to judge when they need to be fed, which will help you plan your days better.

There are three stages of feeding cues, early, mid and late:

Learning to spot when your baby is hungry

Try to feed your baby before they become upset - however, it's easy to miss early and mid cues, especially if they've been sleeping. The short video below shows how your baby might wake and look for a feed.

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Last updated: 6 Jan, 2020