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What should I look for in a nursing bra?

A good nursing bra needs to be stretchy to support the changing shape of your breasts as they fill and empty. The important thing to know is that your bra, nursing or not, should never be so tight that it presses or squeezes your breasts - this can lead to mastitis.

If you're looking to buy a nursing bra, these are the things to look out for:

  • Four hook-and-eye fastenings, rather than the normal one or two
  • Wider shoulder straps with a broad back and sides
  • Cups that you can open and close with one hand

Do I need to get measured?

Whether you're buying a nursing bra or a normal bra, it's a good idea to be measured so that you know your bra fits properly. Don't buy your nursing bra too early in your pregnancy - wait until the last month to buy your first one, then get re-measured 6 weeks after your baby arrives.

If you can, visit a high-street store for a professional fitting - they will advise you on what size to buy so that it fits comfortably

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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2019