Making daily life easier

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Whether it’s getting the little ones to nursery, the bigger ones to school, or dealing with tears at bedtime, daily life can be tricky.

But there are plenty of little things we can do everyday to make life that wee bit easier. By making some simple changes to your daily routine you can help make family life go a bit more smoothly.

Some benefits of a regular routine

  • Knowing you’re ready for the day ahead helps reduce stress and means you can make more time to have fun with your family.
  • Kids like it when life is predictable. So if they know how the day is going to go and there will be no surprises, they will be happier (and hopefully better behaved!)
  • You can avoid arguments because the big decisions for the day are already made, and your kids will know what to expect. For example, if they know that 8pm is always bedtime during the week, they’ll be less likely to nag you to stay up later.
  • Regular mealtimes and nap times help avoid kids getting cranky due to tiredness and hungry tummies.
  • Regular mealtimes help older kids organise their lives too, and make them less likely to be late for tea or their friends!
  • Having a routine reduces anxiety by removing uncertainty from the day.
  • A clear structure to the day means kids always know when bedtime’s coming up and regular sleep patterns help us all sleep better.

Making your daily plan

Knowing where to start can be tricky. But working together as a family to come up with a flexible and simple plan will help everyone’s wellbeing, and make the day easier. Knowing how the day will pan out will help younger and older kids feel secure and will boost their confidence too.

Chances are you’re already doing lots of these things - you may not even realise!

1. Add choices for your kids

Kids are more likely to kick up a fuss if they feel like they can’t control anything themselves. It’s a good idea to offer them some choices during the day. This will help them feel part of the decisions being made to family life, rather than having a new schedule forced on them. Here are some ways this can work:

2. Work together as a family

Letting everyone have input into any daily routine will help your family feel more involved and they’ll be more likely to stick to it if their ideas have been included. Here are some ways to get them working with you rather than against you:

3. Make a plan that builds trust

If your child always knows what’s coming next they’ll feel less anxious and more confident. This makes life easier for you too. If the kids are happy, you won’t need to deal with a sudden tantrum or a grumpy teenager (hopefully). Here are some tips for a consistent plan that builds trust:

4. Make a routine that boosts your kids’ confidence

We all like feeling in control, even when we’re young. Try letting your kids take charge of certain things. It lets them learn new skills and have fun at the same time. And giving them chances to succeed now will give them more confidence to bounce back if they fail in the future. Here are some tips for getting the kids to take on new tasks and believe in their abilities:

5. Make a plan that helps everyone feel secure

Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your whole life overnight to make things run more smoothly! The aim of adding some routine into your days is to help your kids feel more secure and allow life to feel a bit more predictable. Here are some tips to get you started.