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Top tips for carrying on with breastfeeding

Here are some ideas to help you begin to fit breastfeeding with your day-to-day life

Parent Club's top tips for the first few months

Tip #1

Join a breastfeeding support group or a parent and toddler group. You'll be able to chat with other breastfeeding mums and your little one can play with new friends!

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Tip #2

Don't worry about having to buy a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe, just try breastfeeding in what you already have to see what you feel most confident in.

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Tip #3

Wearing a sling should allow you to breastfeed and do other things at the same time - like putting a wash on or playing with another child.

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Tip #4

Have a night out. Being a new mum is hard work, so make sure you take time to enjoy yourself!

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Tip #5

If you drink alcohol, wait 2-3 hours before feeding so it has time to leave your system. Some mums choose to feed their baby expressed breastmilk for the first feed after a night out, but keep in mind that too long a gap between feeds can lead to engorgement.

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Tip #6

If you plan on returning to work at some point, consider getting your baby used to expressed breastmilk earlier, rather than later. That way you can be sure your baby is happy drinking from a cup or bottle.

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Last updated: 6 Jan, 2020