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Looking after your family's teeth

While your usual routines may be a thing of the past, there’s one routine everyone in the family should stick to – brushing your teeth! Here are some tips for maintaining good dental hygiene.

Tip #1: Brush twice daily

Thanks to coronavirus, your usual routines may feel harder to maintain. But brushing twice daily for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste is something everyone should be doing to avoid any mouth issues. Make sure everyone brushes last thing at night before they go to bed to clean away any bacteria that has built up through the day from the meals, snacks and drinks you’ve all had.

Wee ones not keen on toothbrushing? Check out our tips for getting toddlers more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth here.

Tip #2: Avoid sugary snacks

Because everyone is spending more time at home, it’s easy to snack more often. Try to avoid sugary snacks and drinks between meals. You’ll find ideas for healthy snacks for the whole family in our recipe section and on the Childsmile website.

Tip #3: Contact your family dentist if you have any worries

All dentists are now open, but dental services will be delivered differently during the pandemic. If you’re in pain in your mouth or have any worries about your teeth, contact your dentist. The team will talk to you about the options available and make sure you get the right treatment. Due to physical distancing and infection control measures, dentists can only offer a certain amount of appointments each day, so they’ll be giving priority to urgent problems like toothache.

When you go for your appointment, your dental practice will look a bit different, but please follow the guidance to help reduce the risk of infection. These changes are in place to protect you, your family and staff. For more information visit

If you or your family are not registered with a dentist and would like to find one, NHS Inform provides a list of numbers to call for each health board. NHS staff can also advise you on how to access dental services.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

If you need to see a dentist urgently at the weekend or in the evening you can call 111 and you will be advised by NHS 24 of local emergency dental service arrangements in your area.

More information

Visit Childsmile for more information on looking after your family’s teeth.