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Guide to giving your baby solid foods at 15 months and beyond

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At this age they will be getting used to sitting down and having food. When you can, sit down to eat as a family – it’s more fun for your toddler and seeing you eat might encourage them to try some new tastes and textures.

What should my toddler be eating by now?

Your toddler will need less milk and will be getting lots of teeth, so you might find that they like to chomp on lots of harder fruits and veggies. (Top tip: cold cucumber can be good when they’re teething). And as they can now eat pretty much anything you can, cooking one family meal will save you time and pennies.

How much should my toddler be eating?

They may be little but most children of this age will need 3 small meals and 2 fruit and veg snacks to get them through the day. Some days they might want to eat a lot and some days they might only eat a few mouthfuls. They’re growing lots and will want more food when they’re about to start a growth spurt. Try offering 2 or 3 different tastes and textures at mealtimes so they can enjoy the differences. At this age they need less milk to fill them up but there is still lots of goodness in breast milk and pasteurised whole fat cow’s milk.

What to do if your toddler is fussy or spitting out food

It’s very normal for toddlers to eat something one day and refuse it the next. It is important to keep trying different textures and tastes, so keep offering them these foods. At some point they will probably enjoy them again!

You can find out more information on our coping with fussy eaters page.

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Last updated: 2 May, 2023