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By now they’ll be used to sitting down and eating meals. They might not eat everything up, as they’re still getting used to new textures and tastes.

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What kind of foods can babies can at 12-15 months?

They can eat all the same things as you – just make sure that it’s low in salts and sugars. You can find out more about what they can eat here.

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How to prepare the foods?

Try sitting down as a family and eating the same meals together. We have some great ideas to help you eat as a family. You can chop up your meals into small pieces for them and using a spoon they can get used to feeding themselves. Just make sure it has cooled down.

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Easy first food recipes

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How much does a 12-month-old eat?

They are still very little with small tummies but are growing quickly so most will need 3 small meals at this stage. It’s also time to start adding in 2 fruit or veg snacks, one at a time. Try offering between 6-8 teaspoons of cut up food, or a couple of pieces of soft finger foods. It’s all about getting used to foods – so try not to worry if they don’t eat or spit food out.

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When to feed your baby

The guide below is just to give you an idea of when and how much but you might find that they need even more. Always trust your instincts and go at your baby’s pace. 

  • Along with their usual milk feeds, your baby can now have three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and tea).
  • Around this age, your baby might have about 3 milk feeds a day (for instance, after breakfast, after lunch, and before bed) but every baby is different so just keep responding to your own baby’s needs and pace.
  • If you're breastfeeding, your baby will change the amount of your milk they are drinking as they are getting more solid foods but every baby is different so just keep responding to your own baby’s needs and pace.
  • As a guide, babies fed infant formula will drink about 400ml daily.
  • Remember that all breastfed babies should be offered vitamin D supplements and formula-fed babies should take extra vitamin D if they're having less than 500ml of formula a day.
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Tips from parents

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"Buy a big shower curtain to sit the plastic highchair on (that you can hose down!)".

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