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Activities for teens during COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many young people may be struggling with the situation. However, the good news is, there are still plenty of things that they can do to keep busy. From chatting to friends and helping out their community, to staying active at home and trying something new, here are some ideas to make this time a bit easier for them.

And remember, if at any point you’re worried about how your teen is coping, we have some advice on supporting them here.

If you’re unsure about the rules your teen needs to follow when they’re meeting their friends, you can find the latest coronavirus guidelines for children and young people here. Our page on sport, play and children's activities has information on activities for young people run by clubs and other organisations.

Tips for keeping teens busy

Teens won't stick to the rules?

Getting your teen to stick to the protection measures in your level may be easier said than done. Young people often feel invincible from danger and don’t always think ahead about the consequences of what they do, so may be more tempted to bend the rules. Rather than yelling at them about it, try some of these tips to help you respond if your teenager starts to get frustrated.

Last updated: 22 Mar, 2021